Digital Services


Computer software will continue to make major impressions on business, society, and more. Major trends in the trade will include Blockchain Technology, development across platforms, Progressive Web Apps, the Internet of Things (IoT), a secure Internet, more use of scanners and sensors, AI-driven software, continued popularity of cloud services, immersive technologies, and low/no-code development.

With security being priority one for all software developers, Blockchain will continue to be a major player in the field. Originally developed as a security solution for the finance industry, it is now becoming a major tool in securing data involved in healthcare, logistics, public administration and more.

For those who may not be aware, Blockchain is non-changeable data records that are stored and managed by a number of computers rather than just one. This helps to assure data is accessible exclusively to those who need it and cannot be changed unless certain credentials are met.

Back in the day, computer software was developed using specific code that couldn’t be shared between platforms. The software you used had to match with your operational system. Today software developers are creating apps that can cross various platforms using the newest frameworks and programming languages.

Software developers are programming languages that combine features of two or more operation systems. For example, Kotlin and Scala have supplanted JAVA in android app development and offers object-oriented programming and functional programming simultaneously.

Cross-platform software development ensures savings and logic. There is no longer a need to invest in two different apps for iOS and Android.

With the continuing growth of ecommerce, a sure fire way to ensure coordination between a website design and the app being used to navigate it works resulting in a good shopping experience for customers. The software and hardware must work together to assure the best results.

Progressive Web Apps makes this balance a reality. It offers application-like experience in a browser that is used by ecustomers.

One of the major benefits of this type of app is that it decreases the development and distribution costs for a business. Moreover, it requires no updates, reduces data use, and offers stronger SEO. The result is a better customer experience and higher conversion rates.

Although the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is not new, it continues to grow allowing more and more control of one’s life through computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. In essence it connects everything to the Internet allowing total command of one’s home or workspace. It makes Alexa possible.

Total control via voice or mobile app of every aspect of one’s life continues to grow. The number of devices connected and communicating through the Internet will reach a total of 20.4 billion.

The Internet is becoming an essential part of our lives and must be protected. Cybersecurity protects our personal data, finances, and the nation’s secrets from a cyber attack from a country, organized crime syndicate, terrorist groups, or other entities that could threaten us. As the bad guys try to penetrate our cyber environment, software developers will continue to design applications that will keep us secure.

Immersive technologies will also grow in the software field. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are going to make a whole lot more possible as their use becomes more popular. Watch for the growth of AR for training and VR in gaming and the video trade.

Finally, watch for the growth of Low/No-Code Development in software. Software developers are using low code to create software and apps that features user interfaces instead of programming language. This results in more intuitive and easier controlled apps.

Greyson Global, Inc. is aware of all these software innovations and enhancements and will help you invest in it or assist you in integrating it into your business.